Pelosi Opposed Bill Clinton “Witch Hunt” – Now Doing Same Thing Against Trump

nancy pelosi
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It’s got to be tough for lying hypocrite Democrats to defend their positions when they take both sides of an issue depending upon who it benefits. The reality of video lasts forever bit her in this case as well as Chuck Todd played a clip from 1998 and the Clinton presidency.

Todd isn’t asking her about the special counsel but she included comments from when it was her party’s president being investigated that fly in the face of what they’re doing today against President Trump. Pelosi said that the women of America “do not want to see a person with uncontrolled power, uncontrolled time, unlimited money investigating the President of the United States.”

Why is it okay now that an investigation by Robert Mueller that has produced no evidence related to the supposed crime he was hired to prosecute, on top of fruitless investigations by the Intelligence Committees continues?

She goes on to further implant her foot into her septic face hole, saying, “The concern that we had then was that they were impeaching the President of the United States for something that had nothing to do with the performance of his duties and trying to take him out for that reason.”

Today Democrats are doing something even worse, they’re attempting to impeach President Trump for no crime at all, nothing that occurred, allegations that are completely basesless, without a shred of evidence against him.

Even the indictments prove that point, being made for alleged crimes not related to the campaign in any way that were the result of a fishing expedition to find something, anything to try to remove him from office. The non-existent crimes likewise had nothing to do with President Trump’s ability to perform his duties aside from the distraction of burdening him with defending himself from the false accusations.

Conversely, the mountain of evidence piling up against the Democrats indicates his predecessors and the entire Obama regime have very dirty hands. That corruption includes the FBI, DOJ, State Department, Intelligence Agencies, White House and the pretend ‘president’ Obama himself.

Pelosi has obviously been consulting with the Democrat spin masters as she attempts to blame President Trump for Harvey Weinstein’s career of abuse, as well as that of Franken and Conyers. The American people didn’t buy those accusations which were made before the election and won’t be misled by those claims now. Democrats have done their best to discredit him in order to impeach him, with the lying hypocrite Pelosi’s full support.

Maybe Todd will ask her about that contradiction one of these days; maybe not.

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