Obama, UN Global Govt Still Transforming US To Third World Nation

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Agenda 21 and its updated Agenda 2030 master plan is still being shoved down our throats by the globalist left that has seized power over government at all levels in the United States, as Gary Galino points out in this video.

He plays a short and tolerable clip of globalist tyrant Hussein Obama in a speech in Africa in which he said, “If everybody’s raising living standards to the point where everybody’s got a car and everybody’s got air conditioning and everybody’s got a big house, well, the planet will boil over.”

Using the global warming lie to control the lives of the entire population of the planet has long been the goal of the elites and using the UN as the organization through which it is coordinated and enforced, the various components are being put into place every day.

Most of the world, including most Americans are not even aware of what is going on under their noses, as they sleep. Galino points out the Obama solution to the false emergency of the climate hoax is that it’s not fair for America to have a higher living standard than the rest of the world.

We must therefore, they argue, lower our standards to that of the rest of the world in the interest of fairness and equality, “and of course, the weather.” Galino points out many third world locations are using the same language to describe their projects for  their “Urban Transport Master Plan” including the Islamic hellhole of Pakistan.

He points out that the situation used to be that America was emulated by the rest of the world that sought to raise their standard of living. Now, in the backwards and upside down world of today, the United States, under the conspiring hands of globalist Democrats and the UN, is emulating the third world.

He cites many examples from around the globe, including many from the United States, where the code language involves the use of the word “mobility.” Globalist operative and traitor to America, Rep Adam Schiff is featured in one clip in which he pledges to do everything he can to get people out of their cars and walking or taking public transportation.

We’re being undermined at every level by the corrupt forces that have hijacked our government in order to further their takeover agenda from within. That is the primary objective of the left and the reason why they are pro-open borders and their false religion of “diversity,” the reason they promote the term “global citizen.”

We’re not global citizens, we’re Americans, who have an infestation of commies in the Congress, federal bureaucracy and state, county and city governments. In order to fight an enemy you have to identify it and recognize there’s a problem. The UN, Democrats and RINOs are the enemy, and they’re everywhere.


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