McCain Had A Ridiculous Explanation For Orthopedic Boot On Wrong Foot

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We’ve been told by John McCain and those around him that the walking boot he’s been sporting lately is due to a recent injury to his Achilles tendon on his right foot. Or is it his left foot? Who can keep track of the lies coming out of RINOville these days?

On Wednesday McCain tweeted a photo of himself wearing his boot while sitting next to his wife on a bench, complete with his dog at his feet. It didn’t take long for folks to realize that the boot was on his left foot instead of the right that has been the location of his torn tendon in past reports and where he’s been wearing it.

While the first inclination is that the photo was possibly reversed a quick check of the buttons on his jacket proved the pictures were in their correct and genuine orientation, and that the boot was in fact on the opposite foot.

The occasion was the wedding of their daughter, so one might be willing to give the 81-year-old the benefit of the doubt, that the excitement overwhelmed his already compromised grip on reality. But instead of pleading mental feebleness he adopted the “I meant to do that” posture.

McCain tweeted an explanation on Thursday evening, saying that he was giving his left leg “a break,” that it had been “doing extra work to compensate for the boot.” Then why not just forego the boot altogether? Is he going to wear the boot after his Achilles problem heals as a means of support? Not likely, so how is that a legitimate argument now?

One theory, offered on Twitter by, is that McCain is wearing the boot to hide an ankle monitor as a criminal defendant, maybe for his involvement with the framing of President Trump through the Steele dossier.

Perhaps that’s also why Hillary Clinton “broke her toe” and published photos of a foot, supposedly hers, to help sell the story. The convenient off-shore location in the UK where she was injured makes things harder to verify as well. We should probably check her photos to see if she has had the same miraculous healing and injury relocation.

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