Rush Limbaugh – Franken Press Conference Was Him Telling America “Up Yours”

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Rush Limbaugh was not impressed by the press briefing Senator Al Franken (D-MN) held to supposedly tell the people of Minnesota and America how sorry he was over his misconduct and that he was going straight, but that “it would take time.”

In essence what Franken did was declare that he was “going back to work,” which means he’s not going to resign his position as US Senator. He said he’s going to cooperate with the ethics committee, as if he had any real option given the fact that it is his only way out and not to do so would be political suicide.

There’s also the consideration that it’s his buddies, who likely have similar skeletons in their closets, who will be sitting in judgment on him and potentially setting a precedent for how they or their colleagues will be treated when they are exposed.

Franken also said it would take time, an indication again that he intends to remain and a demand for sufficient time to allow the process to run its course and for the outrage to cool down to a more controllable level.

Limbaugh called it “basically an up yours press conference, a ‘screw you,’ and he just wanted to say it in front of cameras and microphones instead of making a statement.” Limbaugh points out “how much of an act this was.” He says, “This guy, for whatever else he is, is a forty year veteran, being on TV and in movies and so forth.”

He continued, “And he does not speak like he spoke in this thing, um, uh, I, trying to act contrite and trying to act sorry and thoughtful. The whole thing is an act. But its purpose was to shut down any of this talk that he’s going anywhere. No matter what happens next, no matter who next, if there’s any next, he’s not going anywhere.”

He labels it as a “performance” designed to create an image of the fecal variety, “pure caca.”

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