Libtard Press On The War Path Over Trump Calling Sen Warren Pocahontas

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The White House anti-Trump Democrats thinly disguised as reporters were in their typical attack mode Monday, attempting to demean and discredit the President in any way possible. They’re not interested in tax cuts unless they fail and they don’t even want to give him credit for recognizing the contributions of the World War II code talkers.

Instead they’re focusing on a comment about their fellow liberal Democrat, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, and the fact that President Trump referenced her falsification of Indian heritage for personal gain.

They’re not upset that she would commit the fraud but rather that President Trump once again referred to her as Pocahontas. Everybody recognizes it as a dig at the lying libtard Senator, but they also see it as an opportunity to accuse President Trump of racism. Pocahontas isn’t on their list of approved words for Republicans are allowed to use.

Jonathan Karl starts off the festivities by asking why President Trump felt it was necessary to say the “P” word and noted that Elizabeth Warren said it was a racial slur. Two points on that score Jonathan, nobody cares what Elizabeth Warren things and she’s only saying that so President Trump will be pressured into not using it to describe her, an effort to put her fraud behind her.

Some prissy boy named Stephen takes over on that butt-hurt theme, stating that “the moment had many people online asking whether the President lacks decency.” Sanders reminds the libtard that President Trump brought them into the White House because he respects what they have done and who they are.

At any one time there are many people asking anything imaginable online, Stephen. Calm down. Kristen Welker, who never leaves the house without a chip on her shoulder and a spare one in her purse in case she needs two, keeps the racism accusations going. She asks, “Why is it appropriate for the President to use a racial slur in any context?”

Sanders says it isn’t and he didn’t reminding them that the press is ignoring the story and always has of how Pocahontas Warren lied to advance her career.

The real Pocahontas wasn’t even a Navajo, she was Tsenacommacah. Ask the code talkers if any of them were offended. If so, give them Elizabeth Warren’s office number. Invite her for a little pow-wow, heavy on the pow.

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