Lawsuit Filed To Force Sessions To Investigate Mueller Conflicts and Corruption

robert mueller klayman
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FreedomWatch founder and attorney Larry Klayman filed a lawsuit Monday in the pursuit of having Robert Mueller removed as the special counsel looking for something, anything under the guise of Russian collusion.

The complaint asks the US district court to force Jeff Sessions’ DOJ to do their job and investigate the leaks that are flooding from the special counsel’s “investigation, as well as “the obvious conflicts of interest among staff.” We might ask why President Trump’s own high priced legal team hasn’t made a similar move.

The complaint was filed against both AG Jeff Sessions and FBI director Christopher Wray, arguing, “it is a criminal offense to leak grand jury information.”

In a written statement Klayman said, “Robert Mueller is not a ‘man of integrity’ as the Washington, D.C., Democrat and Republican political establishment like to spin. He is just another pol who is representing his establishment benefactors in both political parties who want to see the presidency of Donald Trump destroyed.”

We all know the close, years-long relationship between Mueller and Comey should have resulted in his own resignation if he were the man of integrity so many of the establishment toadies claim he is. His personal involvement with the cover up of evidence of Russian crimes also shows he’s as dirty as his comrades Comey and Rosenstein.

But how thorough will a Justice Department Investigation of itself be when two or more of the guilty parties, Rod Rosenstein, the Deputy Attorney General and the Deputy FBI Director, Andrew McCabe are involved in the criminality and the cover up?

Klayman said of Mueller, “He must be held accountable to the law and should not be able to do as he pleases to further his and his friends, like former FBI Director James Comey’s, political agenda. We are hopeful that the court will order Justice to do its job and conduct an expeditious and impartial investigation and then order Mueller to step down as special counsel. There are others, perhaps who practice outside of the Washington, D.C., swamp, who could step in and do an honest and conflict-free investigation of so-called Russian collusion.”

Klayman has right on his side, but he’s dealing with the swamp where being on the side of what is right, patriotic and good for the nation puts you at a disadvantage. Our government is a criminal operation where the mobsters take care of their own and the American people are merely a commodity to be used in the pursuit and maintenance of power.

He’s going to need that hope he mentioned and a lot of luck. The odds are he’ll get told he doesn’t have standing or some other legal tactic will be used against him. Even if he wins and an investigation is ordered, then what?

As the pandering owner of the Houston Texans, Bob McNair said of the NFL in a brief moment of clarity, “the inmates are running the prison.” And the swamp gators have infested DOJ and the FBI.

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