John Podesta Caught Lying To Congress, Good Thing For Him Sessions Is AG

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John Podesta isn’t as good of a liar as Hillary Clinton or Hussein Obama and if he were a regular citizen he might actually be in trouble for lying to Congress. But he’s a swamp creature tied to the money that keeps our crooked politicians in power. For elites like him, transgressions are just “honest” mistakes that anybody could make.

He must have just been tired from running that crooked daily lie-fest that was the Clinton campaign and forgotten about the $12 million they paid to Perkins Coie and the $1 million paid by the pretend “president” Obama he used to be Counselor to. Surely he’s got a reasonable explanation for how that funding doesn’t demonstrate he had knowledge that his campaign was orchestrating the production of the Steele dossier.

The New York Times reports that Podesta met with Glenn Simpson, one of the founders of Fusion GPS, just after the fabricated hit piece was published. That meeting could be problematic since Podesta recently testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee that he had no idea who paid Fusion to put the hit piece on Trump together.

The Times report, with information from a source described as an associate of Podesta, stated that he met with Simpson specifically to compare notes about the “Russian election meddling.” So we’re supposed to believe that Podesta met with them not as the person who had ordered the hit piece and had related, followup business to conduct, but just some guy with no attachment who wanted to see if Simpson would spill the beans on the “real client?”

The source said the purpose of the meeting was to determine whether or not to continue the “investigation” of Trump’s alleged Russian ties. I would seem that the only logical purpose for him being in that meeting would be the assessment of the work to date and a decision on if it would continue. Only someone representing the financial resources would have the ability to make such a decision.

Podesta may have been the victim of some bad timing, having gone on the record with Congress before the beans were spilled and it became publicly known that the Clinton campaign hired Fusion GPS. The connection was exposed after he lied.

As if to make the point of his involvement even more irrefutable, Podesta was accompanied in his Congressional testimony by Marc Elias, who is his attorney as well as being the general counsel for the Clinton campaign and DNC. Elias just happens to also be a partner at Perkins Coie, the law firm through which the payments to Fusion GPS were laundered.

But Podesta is in no real danger. After all, Jeff Sessions is the Attorney General. Unless Podesta joins MS13 he’s not likely to see any legal repercussions for his criminality. He and his comrades are the ones who have been intimately involved in crooked deals with the Russians and yet the idiot Republicans in Congress chasing their tails and the Trump campaign.

He’s one of the big boys, like Hillary Clinton and James Comey. He’s immune from any serious consequences. It’s show time.