Judge Jeanine Has Real Solutions For Handling Congressional Perverts and Predators

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In her open Judge Jeanine points out that Washington is a swamp in more ways than one. The predators that aren’t just political but “sleazy sexual perverts who claim the moral high ground based not on truth and justice, but on rank politics.”

She notes the insanity that when they are found to be guilty it is the American people who pay the damages for them. She offers a few solutions for putting an end to the abuse of power as it is presently allowed to exist.

For starters she says the Congressional perverts must be forced to pay the money from their settlements back to the people. We can either sue them or take it out of their pensions.

She contends that if an elected official seeks to hide a settlement for sexual harassment by putting it in his operating budget and secretly paying the victim, the reimbursement to the taxpayers should be accompanied by a criminal investigation. No-show jobs are a conspiracy and fraud charges should be forthcoming.

Her third recommendation involves the elimination of the forced confidentiality that protects the perpetrators as well as reforms to the system of resolution that treat the victim as if they were the offender and forces them to remain in the workplace where the abuse occurred as the 90-day-long process grinds on.

She believes that the practice of allowing the lawmakers to forgo any of the remedial sessions that the victims are forced to attend is insane and that lawmakers should at a minimum be held to the same standards of public disclosure as offending priests.

Judge Jeanine offers a requirement that if there is a finding against an official that they are guilty of sexual misconduct that they must be forced to resign their position.

She notes that it was in 1995 with the curiously titled Congressional Accountability Act, which created the system for burying the offending lawmaker’s involvement in exchange for payouts from the American people.

Judge Jeanine asks, “Who decided that sexual wrongdoing by these fools is not their responsibility but instead the taxpayers and many other questions that get to the heart of the creation of this system of pervert protection.

She also has some choice words for the women in Congress who knew this system and the abuse was going on yet kept their mouths shut as enablers allowing it to continue.


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