Sheila Jackson Lee Conducts Entire Interview With Nosebleed Debris On Her Face

sheila jackson lee
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Talk about phony, Sheila Jackson Lee sat through this entire interview and went on one of her typical anti-Trump pro-communism rants without ever acknowledging that she had blood running out of her nose and stuck to her face.

One has to wonder if she’d have continued the interview if it had been a snot-bubble or booger adorning her nostril in the manner of a black flower on her lapel. Once the lights come and she’s “in character,” don’t interrupt the performance.

The interviewer never bothers to say, “Hey Sheila, I think your fingernail got a little too much during your last pick” or to acknowledge that anything is amiss. Both of them played along and attacked President Trump as if it was just a regular, uneventful exchange.

Jackson Lee can be seen at the beginning frantically motioning and talking to someone off camera, apparently wanting a tissue or for them to come in and “make her beautiful again.” Alas they were too late. The show must go on.

As she’s motioning for them to come to her aid, the lights came on, the fake smile takes its position and the interview starts. Maybe she could have wiped it on the flower or that red jacket of hers. She looks pretty stupid sitting there with a grin on her mug, doing nothing about it. Then again, looking stupid is not unfamiliar territory for the Texas Congresswoman. She’s made a career of it.

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