Al Franken – From Unfunny Pervert Comedian To Laughing Stock Pervert Senator

al franken
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The episode of Saturday Night Live in which Al Franken reemerged from under his rock is hard to watch, partially because it isn’t funny and partially for what some might see as exploitative and totally unnecessary and inappropriate photos of nude children he used as props.

They’ve been pixilated more in the image here from the original black redaction blocks in the video posted below. Though technically he had the children and thereby himself sufficiently covered for public airwaves, the question one has to ask is “why do it at all?”

What was going on in that creepy liberal mind of his that told him that people would find it funny and what made it pop into his head as a good idea for a prop and topic for a joke to begin with?

He’s telling the audience that since he has been away from the show he started a family, choosing to show two naked kids as the “humorous” punch line. No photos of his wife were produced and no joke about her. Just the naked kids.

It’s pretty obvious that he’s the same guy in the subsequent groping episodes that he was then, though the objects of his deviance may have shifted to older persons or perhaps, some were young enough not to be able to identify him. Maybe they came over to Uncle Al’s for pizza.

After he completes a pitch to the television audience in the Sacramento area of California to watch his debuting movie, Franken notes that it’s got an “R” rating and winks at the kids at home suggesting that they come see his movie despite not being legally of age to do so. Of course that’s not a big deal in and of itself, but taken in the context of everything else we’re learning about “him, Al Franken,” it is noteworthy.

Comedians have a degree of leeway that is different and more generous than the average citizen because of the nature of their trade. Humor sometimes needs to be gritty or beyond the ordinary. That’s fine. There’s no reason to combine it with kids.

Here’s what you can do for “us, Al Franken,” retire from the Senate and take your sleazy butt back to Minnesota. You never were that funny to begin with but now you’re disturbing and quite possibly dangerous.

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