Rowdy Football Fans Attack Loud, Street-Clogging Mohammad Birthday March

football mohammad march
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European football fans, soccer to us, have a reputation for rowdiness and being inclined to mix it up with the supporters of their opponents at the drop of a hat, making theirs less of a spectator sport and themselves more like actual participants.

Many Greeks are growing weary of having their country turned into a dumping ground of the EU, as one big invasion processing and housing center for the globalist replacement population. The citizens are starting to stand up for themselves and rowdy football fans are a natural place for the manifestation of that anger.

On Sunday a group of Muslims was celebrating the birthday of Muhammad and doing it by slow-marching, chanting and blasting their message through a full volume megaphone in the street. Imposed inconvenience in the name of their religion is part of the indoctrination of others into their ranks. Forcing others to accommodate you signifies power, as does forcing them to tolerate you. Power makes for a more appealing argument to potential recruits.

The power they hold through corrupt officials and manipulation of the legal system was not enough to protect the obstinate invaders on this day as a group of fans from the Thessaloniki football club PAOK was in town for an away game. They happened upon the street demonstration and immediately made it known what they think of the Islamic horde, descending upon them with physical violence that left the birthday march participants running for the protection of the local agents of the globalist thugs, the police.   [VIDEOS BELOW]

Just as in the United States, police departments have in many cases been hijacked by globalist administrations who refuse to allow them to put the interest of the nation first. Instead they are ordered to act against it in assisting the foreign invasion facilitators and participants.

The situation is quite volatile at this point in Greece because the pressure is great. The invasion is further along and their culture more degraded, their already low standard of living diminished and their quality of life suffering all because the parasites have moved in and the EU refuses to allow the weak Greek government to expel them.

The footballers don’t care about what Brussels thinks and they didn’t pause to ask for EU permission. They took matters into their own hands, a course of action that we will almost certainly see a lot more of as the leftists lose their positions and influence to the right and the dictatorial EU power is marginalized.

The people of Greece and elsewhere have had enough and they know who the enemy is. On this day they were on the offensive.

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