Conyers Steps Down From Leadership Role To Save His Phony Job

john conyers
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Rep John Conyers (D-MI) is stepping down from his position as the ranking member, the top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee in response to the public finding out about his settlement of sexual harassment claims using taxpayer money and a non-disclosure agreement to keep things quiet.

Clearly Conyers is afraid this could lead to demands for his resignation and is attempting to throw a bone to his constituents and the rest of the American people so that he can ride out the storm without being forced to give up his seat.

Conyers claims he’s doing it for the good of the Congress but it’s the Democrat Party and the damage that his perversion and predatory conduct will do to their numbers in the 2018 election that is paramount.

That’s why Nancy Pelosi has been working behind the scenes to find a graceful way for him to pay a minimal price and partially exit the spotlight. Giving up the position in no way has him out of the woods yet. In their deflection attempt Conyers said he was making the move, “in light of the attention drawn by recent allegations made against me,” stubbornly refusing to admit his wrongdoing.

Instead he said, “I have come to believe that my presence as ranking member on the committee would not serve these efforts while the ethics committee investigation is pending. I cannot in good conscience allow these charges to undermine my colleagues in the Democratic Caucus, and my friends on both sides of the aisle in the Judiciary Committee and the House of Representatives.”

Conyers pressed his colleagues to allow him “due process,” which in this case is an investigation by them, as the ethics committee, a black hole of political cronyism that is far from objective.

Conyers added, “I very much look forward to vindicating myself and my family.” His ex-con wife might not worry too much about a little taxpayer money going to pay one of his victims to keep quiet or about his infidelities. Keeping the taxpayer-funded gravy train rolling is the kind of vindication he and his family truly care about.

The problem for John Conyers in using the good old boys of the Democrat establishment to cover this up, Nancy Pelosi included, is there are too many women in the House who aren’t part of the cronyism and too many selective feminists ready to pounce on the target of choice.

 Conyers is drifting into that target category and this compromise he’s offered may not be enough to allow him to hold on, particularly in the current environment where there is a new accusation against someone every day. It certainly shouldn’t be enough – and, by the way, we want our money back, too.

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